Pastor Richard Fulton

Pastor Richard Fulton

Pastor Fulton has a passion for teaching God's Word, especially when it comes to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God has gifted him with the ability of making complex doctrines easy to understand. He has been preaching the gospel for over 20 years, almost half of which has been here at Central Baptist Church. Pastor Fulton has a Doctorate of Theology Degree from Andersonville Theological Seminary, where he teaches the course, "Evangelism In The Local Church."

Pastor Fulton is the founder of KNOWIMSAVED.COM, a ministry dedicated to helping people who are seeking assurance of their salvation.

"Truth, not Tradition" describes Brother Fulton's ministry style. He believes it's his job to keep the people's eyes tied to the Word of God, preach the truth to them in love, and let the scriptures (not denominational tradition) dictate how we worship and serve our God.

His wife, Tammy, faithfully and sacrificially serves her husband. Her life is exemplary of the "help" God created women to be.


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Assoc. Pastor Andy Sheppard

Pastor Andy Sheppard

Pastor Sheppard is a strong verse by verse expositor of God's Word. He teaches the adult Sunday School class in the auditorium and can be heard live on Facebook each week. His wisdom, humility, and high moral character lend a tremendous support to our pastor and church. Brother Sheppard is also fluent in Spanish. His wife Becky, and daughter Sarah, are very active in our church. Brother Sheppard may be contacted at: