...we preach
Christ crucified...
1 Co 1:23

...speaking the truth in love...Eph 4:15


Dear visitor to our website,

I am a teaching pastor.  It is my absolute joy to feed the flock of God.  Both I and my Associate Pastor share a mutual love for God's word, so we strive to preach and teach His precious word verse by verse, making it simple, so the people can understand.  If you genuinely love Christ, and you desire to be fed and led by the word of God, then you will be as great a blessing to us, as we hope to be to you. 

I am more conservative than most pastors are today; but I am neither dogmatic nor legalistic.  I simply take God’s word and God’s worship very seriously.  This means, among other things, that I must follow scripture when shepherding God’s people, and will by no means look beyond the preaching of The Cross to build Christ’s church.  So, if you seek a church with a progressive, “up to date” pastor, then we may not be the church you are looking for.  However, if you love the exposition of God’s word and seek the preeminence of Christ in all things, then you may have just found your new church home.

In the grace of our Lord,


Richard Fulton